In an effort to school those of you debating on whether to drop the $$ for Coachella, we at West Coast Sound will be tossing out MP3s of participating artists over the next three weeks. It's a lot of music, after all, and rather than hoof it back and forth over and over wasting precious time seeing unworthy bands, you should have a general idea of what's in store where and when.

Gui Boratto is a Brazilian-born techno DJ whose stark, minimal tracks are never as boring as the descriptive stark, minimal might sound. He always tosses some sonic curlicue into his four-four thump tracks, and, like kindred Ricardo Villalobos, loves to infuse warm, acoustic sounds into his otherwise chrome-plated vibe.

Boratto's Chromophobia, on the consistently engaging Kompakt label out of Berlin, was one of 2007's most praised electronic releases, and friends who have seen him get this weird twinkly look in their eyes when discussing his sets. He's got a new album out called Take My Breath Away. Here's the title track.

Gui Boratto – “Take My Breath Away” (MP3)

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