Heading down to the Coachella campgrounds in Indio, there’s always one thing that crosses everyone’s mind: “Did I forget anything?” While some may pack their outfits weeks in advance, day-by-day, some (me) only remember to pack the evening before.

With that said, the three-hour drive from Los Angeles was rough when I realized I had forgotten sunglasses. This was definitely an essential against the blazing sun shining down on concertgoers for three days straight. Not only was this going to protect my eyes but it also gives me a sense of confidence to be able to hide behind the shades.

On that note, we spoke with various artists and festival-goers to see what items/things they  feel are needed to survive Coachella weekend.

Catching up with Franco Borbon in the security line leading into the fest, the 22-year-old UCLA alumnus says, “Underwear! I’ll let you know in 20 minutes if I was good on bringing the alcohol in [laughs]. Underwear because that’s where I have everything packed. A hat for sure. Boots! I’m such a boots or high heels person. Don’t wear open-toed shoes. It’s just hard, there’s a fucking crowd in there and people smash your feet. Boots are always in. Always in style, always a good look.”

Once inside, the vast amount of options that lay ahead are overwhelming but exciting. Fortunately, the fest is populated with general stores selling much-needed last-minute items.

Vrinkley, 24, from Anaheim lists, “Hand sanitizer, sunglasses, a nice cardigan or kimono. A little fan!” Her boyfriend chimes in: “A positive attitude. Very important! It’s a very high-tension environment. As long as you stay positive with the people you’re with, that’s essential. And a disposable!”

Posted outside the VIP area near the Coachella stage, 49-year-old Suzie gives a new perspective  from her hometown in Montreal, Canada. Her requirements are relatively simple: “A battery! A lot of sun. Have a lot of fun for sure, and to hear a lot of the music that’s not possible to have in Montreal!”

While fun may be the main criterion for the majority of festival-goers, she lists some of her favorite acts to see: “1995, RUFUS DE SOL, and Zedd.” And to enjoy the later sets, don’t forget to bring a sweater to layer up!

DJ/producer KAYZO, prepping for his headlining set at Sahara Tent on Day 1, says, “I’m finding out fast I need my Chapstick. Hand lotion because it’s dry, and Essentia Water. I’m a little bougie with the water [laughs].”

Garrett, 31, from Los Angeles, lists his requirements:  “Friends, water, and food! A Camel backpack is key.”

Mad Decent’s own Anna Lunoe says, “I always need throat lozenges here, my throat dries out very quickly. Constant water, a hat and my phone!”

A few others commented that a bandanna or face mask are game-changers when it comes to the powerful dust that arises on the campgrounds. We are in the desert, after all. Other than that, don’t forget your sunscreen, water jug, a sweater for the nighttime, lip balm, sunglasses, a battery for your phone, and a great attitude!

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