We're going to provide a more detailed analysis of Warrior Queen's amazing sunset moment in the hours to come, but wanted to offer this quickie picture of her and collaborator The Bug's huge Gobi tent victory. Mixing dancehall, dubstep and bass that'll jiggle your tummy, the pair dropped an absolutely thrilling, bawdy, raucous set, the kind that'll stick in some memories. She reminded me of Muddy Waters up there, or James Brown. Holy moly.

More moments to come, including snapshots of Paul McCartney's three-hour star-turn, an on-the-scenes report on Buraka Som Sistema's rhythm clusterfuck, an appreciation of hearing Leonard Cohen do “Hallelujah” at sunset (many tears were shed, for sure), Molotov's cover of the Misfits' “I Turned Into a Zombie,” and too many more. It was an amazing day of music. It really was. We'll try and capture it.

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