2 Chains Coachella fashion 1.jpg
2Chainz, shot by Timothy Norris

The fans at Coachella tend to wear things no humans should. (Except for the bros, of course.) But the artists on stage can commit some cringe-worthy fashion faux pas as well. (Here's hoping they take some of those hard earned Coachella dollars from this weekend and hire a better stylist for weekend two.) Here are the five worst offenders so far.

Bat For Lashes Coachella Fashion1.jpg
Timothy Norris

The way the sun catches the fabric on your onstage Coachella attire can make or break the whole ensemble. Not to take anything away from the sparkle of Natasha Khan of Bat For Lashes, but when this dress lit up, it made her look kinda like the NBC peacock.

Puscifer Coachella fashions1.jpg
Timothy Norris

Sure, Maynard James Keenan knows how to dress for shock value. But even after decades of his outlandish get ups, we still weren't ready for this earnest attempt to recreate the Beastie Boys “Sabotage” video.

new order 11.jpg
Oliver Scherillo / OC Weekly

Sure, we should all have respect for an established elder statesman, New Order's Bernard Sumner. But someone who's been around the block as many times as he should know that wearing your band's t-shirt onstage is a cardinal sin.

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2 Chains Fashion statements.jpg
Timothy Norris
This look could catch on one day, right?

For once it was 2Chainz choice of leather pants, instead of his lyrics, that made absolutely no sense to us.

2 Chains Coachella fashion 1.jpg
Timothy Norris

And the number one, most regrettable Coachella artist fashion choice is…

R.Kelly fashion1.jpg
Denis O'Regan/Coachella

We're trying to imagine how R. Kelly chose his Liberache-esque hat last night, when he came out for a cameo during Phoenix's headlining set. Honestly it looked more like a crown than anything else. Our guess? He was trying to distract from the fact that he wasn't Daft Punk.

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