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The infamous Danzig skull logo T-shirt; Credit: Via Ebay

Our 20 Favorite Metal T-Shirts

The moment you start embracing metal not only as a sound but as a lifestyle, the next course of action is to hit up your local head shop and start building up your wardrobe. While differences of opinion on the best types of T-shirts displaying allegiance to the Dark Lord......
Minus the Queen Mary and a few people

Ink-N-Iron Nashville Flopped — Hard

Just a few months after leaving Long Beach for Nashville, it looks like Ink-N-Iron's ship has sunk. We read the reviews from the new location at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park back in August — the shockingly low attendance, complaints from non-VIP ticket holders who were treated like plebs, Merle......
A scene from Ink-N-Iron in 2014; Credit: Flickr/Victor Hernandez

Ink-N-Iron Leaves Long Beach After This Year

Thirteen years is a long life for any festival, and in that time, Ink-N-Iron Kustom Culture Festival has left its mark on local tattoo culture in more ways than one. While master ink slingers have always been the anchor of the convention-turned-festival since it began in 2003, it's the bands,......
Ikey Owens last October in Mexico City

Remembering Ikey Owens on His Big Night at Coachella 2015

[Editor's Note: This is not really a Coachella post. I'm not speaking to you as a music journalist. Or as a fan. Just as a guy remembering a friend.] Had he been alive to see it, last night would've easily been described as the biggest night in Ikey Owens' life......
Jason Eppworth giving a high five down low; Credit: Photo by Nate Jackson

Why Should People High Five Each Other More Often at Coachella?

Smack!...Smack!....Smack! "Woooo! Coachellaaaaaaaahhh! Gimmie five!" That's the sound of a loud, burly Kentucky man high-fiving his way through the sunburned Sunday crowd on weekend one of Coachella. Though he appears to be just another dude with a GA wristband, right now he's feeling more like one of the beloved performers......
Credit: Nate Jackson

Taking 'Shrooms and Hanging With Guy Gerber

Nate Jackson Guy Gerber (center) with assistants Lauren Rolls (right) and Pao Lopez (left) It's kind of amazing that Guy Gerber is still conscious right now. He's leaning up against his backstage trailer, minutes after a 90-minute set at the Yuma tent on Saturday, sipping leisurely from a plastic glass......
Credit: Nate Jackson

The Best Acts at Coachella Weren't Even on the Bill

Nate Jackson GZA destroying bros with his lyrics at the Heineken House Special guests at Coachella are commonplace at this point. It's just something you expect when you set foot on the Polo Fields. But on Saturday night things went to another level; it was a fantastic evening due to......
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