Fun in the sun is one thing, but Coachella parties at night are an entirely different animal. For one, the people you will encounter are way more blitzed out of their minds (a combo of too much sun at the fest or parties all day, drinks, drugs(?) and general overstimulation). The mental state can best be described by the term (and we’re coining here): Co-Loco.

We encountered Co-Loco crowds while trying to get into two big late night bashes of Saturday evening: Oasis Beach Club’s Dipdive Party and 944 and A/X’s Neon Carnival. Here, the dealio on these extravaganzas, our final two destinations in the desert.

Sexy/shady at Oasis.; Credit: Lina Lecaro

Sexy/shady at Oasis.; Credit: Lina Lecaro

Oasis Beach Club’s DipDive party (10-11:30 pm)

Arriving on time to a Coachella party after dark is a no-no, it seems. At Oasis, they didn’t open the gates til nearly 11, which meant standing in a crowd waiting with a bunch of Co-Locos for over 45 minutes. Not fun. We’re used to the pushy peeps and “I-know-so-and-so’s” of LA event entrances, so we endured. The reward? Mini- burgers from STK (so good!), tequila drinks, and lots of light-up toys including blinking shutter shades and cotton candy on a glowstick. The DJs spinning when we arrived (appeared to be triplets) were meh. We’d hoped to catch Kid Sister (on the bill) or at least the EC Twins, but neither was scheduled til way too late. We were ready for some ride action, anyway.

The Look: Cut-off shorts, boho tops, high heels (for a hellish walk in the dustbowl like parking lot).

The Swag: Light up shutter shades.

The Talk: (In The World According To Paris Oxygen channel booth): “This show’s gonna be better than The Bad Girls Club!”

Proud Americans at Neon Carnival.; Credit: Lina Lecaro

Proud Americans at Neon Carnival.; Credit: Lina Lecaro

A/X & 944 Neon Carnival (Midnight-2 am)

The flashiest and most extra-sensory event of Coachella weekend every year, this Carny-themed cluster courtesy of Brent Bolthouse Productions, always has the biggest celeb factor and best production value. Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, the Hiltons and some Twilight stars made the scene this year, playing games, riding bumber cars and a carousel, and getting down on the outdoor dance floor. We’ll just say it, a lot of people seemed to be higher than the ferris wheel here, including some very familiar faces. Pizza, Jose Cuervo and Ciroc cocktails, stuffed animals and more light up goodies made this the rave n’ roll circus everyone wanted in after the fest. There was a huge crowd hoping to do just that when we left at 2 in the morning.

The Look: Maxi dresses, feathers, loose tees and tutus.

The Swag: Free silk screened t-shirts, goodie bags filled with plastic toys and candy, cell phone covers, Armani Exchange sunglasses.

The Talk: Waiting in line for the swing ride: “I don’t feel anything!” “Oh wait, now I do.” “No I don’t.” “Oh yeah, now I do!” “Me too! Ahhh!”

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