This weekend we pledge not to bitch about: the heat, the long-ass lines, the girl(s) wearing the same dress as us, the camera bullies in the photo pit (think big cars are penis extensions?), forgetting earplugs, and the fact that we WILL miss a band (or 4) we want to see…

We will, as we did last night, dance like a fool in the VIP area no matter how ridiculous we look, drink too much, take lots of pictures, and try to give you some semi-coherent day- after blog posts here.

Obligatory Coachella car-in-traffic shot

We've been tweeting (@L_in_A) too, and it being our first time doing it via phone, we learned an important lesson. Toasted tweeting can be risky. We heard that LA club DJ Chris Holmes was personally chosen by Paul McCartney to spin before his set (after he heard him at a party) and we're so impressed by his Beatles remix/soul slosh that we decided to tweet it. Unfortunately, we called him David Holmes (the English soundtrack guy) and got corrected by fellow twits real quick. CHRIS did a great job.

Larger than life Paul

But our full-on foolish moves came out only for Sir Paul, who graciously gave us Beatles fans just what we hoped for (see set-list post below). He was having a grand ol' time and seemed like he never wanted to stop. We watched half the set right in the thick of the crowd, and the other half in the VIP area, and encouragingly, the field crowd had nuthin' on those in the more glamorous gated section. Hell, if you're too cool to sing-a-long to “Hey Jude,” with thousands and thousands of happy (high) humans, then you should NOT be at Coachella. Period.

Twisting and Shouting in the VIP.

Morrissey seemed moody (shocker?) at the beginning of his set and we soon knew why. “I smell burning flesh,” he said early into his evening show. “I hope it's human.” (Surely one of the classic quotes of the weekend!). He grumbled about the flesh (aka meat wafting from the food vending area) a few times, but seemed to get over it at some point. We're not Moz maniacs by any means, but we were reminded that “How Soon is Now” is one of the best songs in the universe.

Other notes from the field Friday: Headbands are dying out (yay), but the bandanna (worn Cheech & Chong style) is way back. Gals, it's a dressy-bessy fashion show, but this aint the beach (bikinis?). Babies at Coachella might seem like a cool idea, but don't. Unless of course, you're really prepared. Noise reducing headphones are a must! We saw a lot of them yesterday, and we're contemplating bringing our li'l rocker next year. Maybe…

We're blogging from the press tent on the Coachella grounds (long story why) all weekend, which means we get to hear soundchecks as we type. All we gotta say is, MIA was smokin. Well, let you know about the real thing tomorrow.

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