Props to those who actually managed to write coherant blog posts from Coachella on a daily/nightly basis. After spending about 1 1/2 hours in traffic leaving the fest Saturday night (which we hear is actually on the short side compared with others and would have been longer if not for some extremely aggressive driving) and trying to hook up with pals for the Spin magazine after-party (which we never found) around 1:30 a.m., we were worn and weary Sunday. Plus, we had to be out of our condo by 11 am, so there was no time to post the promised fashion pix Sunday morning.

Not that there was a terribly varied display of style statements from Saturday to Sunday. Even Friday's granola-head contingent were out in full force again, as was the ubiquitous empire-waist sun-dress, bikini tops, Chucks and flip-flops galore. But, as a whole, Coachella-ites fell into two categories: the neo-hippie hipster (headbands, big shades, peasant shirts and maxi-dresses, gladiator sandals) and the even more visually offensive 80's neon nomad (colored raybans, dayglow everything, ugly prints, uglier sneaks). The really trendy and/or freaky, blended both (ick!), and unfortunately many of the culprits were actually in the bands themselves.

See our Nightranger column this Thursday (and check back here on Friday) for reports from the parties we actually managed to find (BPM, Anthem), plus all the VIP section vacuousness, some (super-VIP) backstage boppin,' Prince gossip and our favorite performances.

For now, enjoy (or cringe at) these looks from the fest Saturday and Sunday.


From left, Borat wanna-be, super hero from the band I'm From Barcelona after their set and Maxi dress mamas.

Gyrating gypsy gal: Is this a hot picture or what?

The “Let's Get Physical” look needs to take a rest already.

Two of our favorite Coachella sets (but not outfits!): From left, Sam Sparro rocks shutter shades and iridescent workout wear with Mark Ronson, and Does It Offend You Yeah's Morgan Quaintance does the Kid n' Play meets MIA day-glo-print look.

See Play for Coachella music coverage.

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