… but if our calculations are correct and time keeps moving forward at the same rate it always does, in about five hours the tenth anniversary of Coachella will commence with a set by DJ Switch. Then, all bets are off. West Coast Sound has four writers on the ground covering the event. We'll be roaming the VIP taking photos of douchebags, looking for fashion geniuses and generally yucking it up behind the “velvet rope.” We'll be roaming the grounds taking notes, will be Twittering, will be seeing music and then writing on it.

We'll keep you posted. Carrying laptops around all day is terribly impractical, and we're not doing it. So the rest of the day will be light posting as we walk the grounds. Tomorrow morning we'll offer reviews of today's gigs, and we'll do the same on Sunday and Monday. Breaking news we'll Twitter (start following @liledit now).

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