Updates coming. We're still in a sort worship mode. Tinariwen at sundown yesterday was a glory to behold. It carried us through the night, and this morning as we were drifting awake after day two of Coachella, Tinariwen's “Matadjem Yinmixan” graced our internal jukebox.

What we're saying is that a landslide of posts capturing Saturday's Coachella will be coming in the next few hours. One will include a celebration of the husky dude in the pit during Mastodon's blazing set. He'd stripped down to his skimpy briefs, and was moshing nearly naked. He was awesome, and we're still trying to capture in words the beauty of watching him prance and slam and dance with butt-crack smiling and balls bouncing.

In the meantime, listen to this MP3 over and over again.

Tinariwen – Matadjem Yinmixan (MP3)

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