A genius in Hawaii allegedly advertised Coachella tickets via Craigslist but took the money and ran. Cops on the Big Island say 19-year-old Anthony Derick Berson of Keaʻau promised to send the tix and wristbands via FedEx to at least four victims who wired him hundreds of dollars.

Of course, police say, the goods never arrived. Now they want to know if there are more victims out there:

Berson was charged yesterday with “four counts of second-degree theft, one count of third-degree theft, and four counts of use of a computer in the commission of a separate crime,” according a Hawaii Police Department statement.

Berson.; Credit: Hawaii PD

Berson.; Credit: Hawaii PD

What brought the scheme tumbling down, cops say: He sold nonexistent tickets to an investigator from the state Office of Consumer Protection.

Here's what cops say happened:

… An investigator from the Office of Consumer Protection posed as a buyer who wanted three sets of passes and wrist bands. He and the seller agreed on a control number and password for the seller to use when claiming the money.

When Berson went to a Western Union office in Hilo on Tuesday (April 17) using the agreed-upon control number and password to claim $900, police detectives arrested him …

Coachella girls.; Credit: CuriousJosh

Coachella girls.; Credit: CuriousJosh


Berson was released while he waits for a court date May 29.

Here's the thing. They think there could be more victims out there. If you know anyone who's allegedly been scammed by this guy call detectives at 808-961-2380.

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