Coachella 2015 Saturday Lineup: The Weeknd, Tyler the Creator, Run The Jewels & More

For all the fuss about the “HeyFor all the fuss about the “Hey, Kendall … fuck you!” bomb he dropped on the Kardashian royalty planted stage center in VIP, Tyler, the Creator was on his very best behavior Saturday night. The 24-year-old politely inquired, “Is it cool if I jump around and yell with you?” to his rambunctious crowd, whom he also took the time to thank for choosing him over Jack White on the neighboring stage. (When the crowd gave a roar of approval, Tyler shushed them, saying of White: “He’s tight.”) And about that Kendall Jenner barb: He wasn’t dissing her so much as he was giving some love to the non VIPs unjustly displaced by the velvet rope. Tyler’s come a long way from four years ago, when, after playing Coachella with Odd Future, he was kicked out for shooting a security guard in the face with a water gun. And so what if this time around he also said that Goldenvoice president Paul Tollett should more or less fuck off, too? (The press was less worked up about that one, perhaps because it was in reference to the festival's strict ban on professional video.) He was hands down the most charismatic front man of the day. — Mara Shalhoup
LA Weekly