Coach Party Loves Alvvays: Jess Eastwood of Isle-of-Wight band Coach Party told us about her Alvvays experience.

Jess Eastwood: The best gig I ever saw was probably Alvvays at Paradiso Noord in Amsterdam, March 2017. Firstly, I would blame Alvvays as one of the main bands that inspired me to want to become a musician. I remember hearing their first album, which is self titled, in my car after finding their CD in a record shop on the Isle Of Wight. Their huge hit Archie Marry Me obviously completely re-wired my brain and I haven’t been the same since. Not to mention how incredible all their visuals and videos are as well.

Fast forward a few years after hearing them, it’s the day of the gig in Amsterdam and I am more excited than I’ve ever been to watch a show! However, around 2 .p.m that day, whilst out and about, I remember being hit with the most EXCRUCIATING stomach pains. I managed to just make it back to the hotel and we called a doctor out; for context, I thought my appendix were about it explode… pain level 10. The Doctor was called and I was in the bed when he arrived. At this point, I was convinced I wasn’t going to make the show, and I was HEARTBROKEN. Still rolling around the bed in an extreme pain, he felt my stomach and assured me that my appendix were fine. I was very confused and so was the doctor. He asked me if I had taken any painkillers, to which I said yes, they just didn’t touch the sides. Still both very confused and the pain still being very much there, the gig was still feeling like an uncertain event for me. He then asked how long it had been since I went for a poop. Suddenly everything made sense. I hadn’t pooped in days, and I recently turned vegetarian, so spent the whole trip away in Amsterdam living off pancakes and pizza. CARBS. He gave me some poop medicine, and 10 minutes later, I had to go. I pooped. The pain was gone. I was just constipated. I was embarrassed. But the gig, was now, definitely back on for me.

We went to the show, and it was everything and more. Their whole set up completely inspired me and I remember feeling like I could have burst. Every song they played was so incredible, and when they played my favourite song ‘the ones who love you’, I bawled like an absolute baby! At the time, I cut my hair short and bleached all my hair to be like the lead singer ‘Molly Rankin’, so you can imagine how delighted I was when someone said I looked like her. The show felt so special, I remember it only being maybe 400 capacity, but it was sold out. Everyone knew how special it was to be there. I’ve seen them a few more times since that night, and they somehow manage to top every show. I love you Alvvays!

Coach Party Loves Alvvays: Coach Party’s KILLJOY album is out September 8.









































































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