We have CNN to thank for so much. The invention of Permanent Television, Jane Fonda in a Braves cap, the number of times we get to say “Wolf Blitzer” every day in casual conversation. And now, in addition to giving us Anderson Cooper hour after repeating hour, they will be giving us food coverage. Via Feast and the magic world of Twitter, we learn that Eatocracy, CNN's new food blog, will be launching soon.

Eatocracy will be helmed by Kat Kinsman, who, according to her profile on her own blog, is “the Managing Editor of CNN's soon-to-be-launched food blog Eatocracy, former Senior Editor for AOL Food and Slashfood, a KCBS Certified Barbecue Judge and the vice chair of the James Beard Journalism Committee.” Oh, and she and her husband live in a church, where she spends a lot of time getting mad at Fox News and hanging out with (but not cooking) her pet rabbit. So I guess we're okay then.

CNN is also launching three more blogs: a religion site called Belief Blog, a breaking news site called This Just In, and an Afghanistan blog. The blogs are “coming soon,” according to CNN representatives. Okay, so now that CNN is taking over the rest of the world, how about a little cross-purposing? Give Blitzer a reality cooking show, maybe. How to Cook a Wolf.

LA Weekly