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Everybody's, um, favorite track masher-upper Girl Talk just released a Halloween playlist, in conjunction with a tequila brand. We'd tell you which tequila brand, but the songs are so cliched and predictable it would harm the company's reputation.

“Zombie” by the Cranberries? Check. INXS's “Devil Inside”? Kanye's “Monster”? You know it!

But those weren't even the worst. Below are the five most overplayed Halloween songs, which you should only play if you want to scare away your guests. (Alternate joke: If they hear these grim jams one more time, they really will want to die.) And, for the record, Girl Talk's mix includes #5 and #1.

5. Blue Oyster Cult

Don't Fear The Reaper

Fearing the reaper is most certainly a bad idea, but fearing hearing this song for the 80,000th time is quite understandable. They never seem to get the &&*%& cowbell right.

4. Ministry

Everyday Is Halloween

Unfortunately, we've been hearing this song every day, too. And, while we're getting arbitrarily riled up, “every day” is two words!

3. Alice Cooper

Welcome To My Nightmare

You have to be asleep to have a nightmare. Which is what happens when we hear this song yet again.

2. Bobby Boris Pickett & the Crypt Kickers

Monster Mash

It's a fun little ditty — especially set to the vintage Groovy Ghoulies cartoon above — but as the soundtrack to every Halloween bash in every movie and every TV show in every country, this graveyard smash kinda needs to rest in peace.

1. Michael Jackson


Did MJ envision his creepy hit to be the unofficial theme song for Halloween? Maybe. The dance in the video is definitely the most emulated this time of year. It's a great tune, even without Vincent Price's monologue at the end. But we've been hearing it at bashes for the past two weeks already so, um, the thrill is gone.

Lina Lecaro will offer a Halloween DJ set (minus the above) at The Great Pumpkin Festival at Micheltorena Elementary School, this Sat., Oct. 29, 11 a.m. More info. here. Follow Lina on Twitter @L_in_A.

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