Looks like it's easy come, easy go for Club 907 downtown. A few days after more than 80 of the girls who work at the taxi-dancing venue downtown were arrested in an LAPD raid, the club is advertising for new talent, according to Blogdowntown.

Eh. Sure thing. Meet guys who'll spend money on you. Make extra cash. Dance. Get arrested! Here's the bilingual Craigslist ad:

We are seeking dance hostesses to dance with the patrons and socialize with them, we are located in downtown at 907 S. Hill street, interested can come after 4pm for an interview. the telephone number is 213-489-7620. Estamos buscando companeras de baile para el salon del centro de los angeles, solo es bailar y platicar con los clientes no se vende alcohol no necesita hablar ingles. la direccion es 907 S. Hill street. en la esquina de la nueve y la Hill.

The club specializes in Latina immigrants in heels and skirts who dance with Latino immigrants in cowboy hats — for a fee.

According to Blogdowntown's Eric Richardson, 87 women and customers there were arrested over the weekend on suspicion of prostitution, lewd conduct, gambling and the use of counterfeit IDs.

That latter allegation represented most of the arrests. There was also alleged overcrowding.

The raid happened based on a search warrant that itself was the result of a three-month investigation.

The 907, at West Ninth and Hill streets, is part of a handful of funky, old-school taxi-dancing/hostess joints downtown that cater mostly to lonely Latino immigrants and/or equally lonely Asian immigrants.

Most don't serve alcohol.

It'll be interesting to see if downtown's gentrification and the blossoming of LA Live will mean the end of these venues.

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