City Bean Coffee, the local micro-roastery that Sol Salzer recently reopened in a newly renovated space on Jefferson Boulevard, was burglarized this past Tuesday. Salzer says that thieves made off with over $8,000 in office and labeling equipment and tools. “They left tens of thousands in specialty coffee equipment, but took our five year-old computers and ten year-old phone system,” Salzer told us when we asked about the rest of it.

Which means that said burglars now have some really nice office gear and some Bush-era phones, but no coffee paraphernalia and not, thank God, Salzer's restored 1926 Probat roaster. Okay, sure, it would have been a giant pain in the ass to remove the enormous roaster, and we're not for one second suggesting that anybody do that, but if all you're after is little machines that make labels, then why not break into a Staples or an OfficeMax? And why leave all that state-of-the-art coffee equipment? Eh, whatever. Questioning the IQ of thieves gets you nowhere.

Anyway, Salzer is taking the moment to have a sale — what he charmingly calls a Highway Robbery Sale — for the week of October 11th through 15th. And if the bags of coffee are not labeled like Martha Stewart would have done it, he's got a very good reason, doesn't he. Sharpies are fine.

The pragmatic approach, really. So now, instead of going into City Bean and getting your freshly roasted beans for $6-$9 per pound as part of the roastery's wholesale-to-the-public program (the stuff is quite a bit more if you buy it online), you can buy it for $5 per pound. The coffee will be available on each day of the sale, on a first-come-first-served, cash only basis, and in whole bean only. Each day's coffees are tweeted out (@citybeancoffee) and posted on the company's Facebook page. You can also check out the roaster nobody took while you're at it.

City Bean Coffee: 5051 W. Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles; (323) 734-0828.

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