Updated below. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich will announce this week that he has raised more than $1 million in the race for L.A. County District Attorney.

Trutanich has a commanding fundraising advantage, though he has still not officially declared his candidacy. His nearest competitor is prosecutor Mario Trujillo, who has raised $439,000.

(Update, Thursday: Campaign reports show that Trutanich raised $990,000 by the Dec. 31 reporting deadline. Trujillo raised $427,000. The above figures reflect what each candidate reported to the ADDA as of the last week of January.)

Another prosecutor, Alan Jackson, is close behind Trujillo, having raised $376,000 by the Dec. 31 reporting deadline. (Jackson's campaign said he has since boosted his total to $406,000.)

The biggest disappointment in the group …

… is Chief Deputy Jackie Lacey. She is the handpicked successor to D.A. Steve Cooley, but has raised just $220,000 so far.

The fundraising totals are due to be released tomorrow. But most candidates — all except Jackson — disclosed their numbers on questionnaires submitted last week to the Association of Deputy District Attorneys.

The numbers confirm what was generally understood beforehand. Trutanich has a strong network of donors, as the only D.A. candidate who has held elected office. On his questionnaire, he said he expects to spend $2.5 million in the June primary — far more than any other candidate.

Lacey's lackluster performance is also not surprising. Last fall, she split with her consultant, Bill Carrick, and her fundraiser, Charlotte Dobbs, which is not usually a sign that things are going well. She has since hired consultant Parke Skelton.

Among the other candidates, prosecutor Danette Meyers has already reported raising $116,000. Another career prosecutor, Bobby Grace, raised about $60,000, according to his questionnaire. Steve Ipsen, the former head of the ADDA, has raised just $25,000.

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