The new California Citizens Redistricting Commission's first eight members are Democrats Jeanne Raya of San Gabriel, Elaine Kuo of Mountain View, Cynthia Dai of San Francisco; Republicans Jodie Filkins Webber of Norco, Peter Yao of Claremont and Vincent Barabba of Capitola; and “decline to states” Stanley Forbes of Esparto and Connie Galambos Malloy of Oakland.

Their job is to un-gerrymander California by August and end the sick, fixed elections that have plagued the state since the creepy Democrats and Republicans went behind closed doors two days after 9-11 to quietly carve California to bits. The scheme? To make sure no incumbent could be ousted. The reason? Selfish, greedy politics. Bravo to Rava, Kuo, Dai, Webber, Yao, Barabba, Forbes, Malloy. More here:

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And don't miss reading about what our All About Me Mayor had to say about this amazing, transparent, long-overdue process and citizen body. How embarrassing for Los Angeles, to hear Antonio Villaraigosa snipe at this new commission because none of the members live in his city.

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