Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine (Epic)

Cinnamon Babe Takes the Power Back with Rage: Stormi Maya of nu-metal project Cinnamon Babe told us about her love for Rage Against the Machine‘s classic debut.



Stormi Maya: RATM speaks on political issues that many are scared to. They are honest, they are unapologetic, and even when I see the metal community shit on them for being liberal af- they have millions ready to stand up for them.

My favorite metal album is their debut album. Some of my favorite songs from them – The classic and everyone’s favorite “KILLING IN THE NAME”, everyone loves this song – when I hear this song I feel like kicking the fucking door down and snatching up justice. The line “fuck you I won’t do what you tell me” gets me pumped up!

Their song “Take the Power Back” was the main inspiration for our song “Rock N Roll Is Black” and inspired the line “TAKING MY CULTURE BACK”. I listen to them every day, along with Deftones – and that’s how I love to start my mornings .

The metal community may have a lot of crap to say about nu-metal, but it’s here to stay and people like me are keeping it alive.

Cinnamon Babe Takes the Power Back with Rage: Cinnamon Babe’s “Rock N Roll is Black” single is out now.
















































































































































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