The annals of marijuana-bust history are littered with stories of suspects who bring unnecessary attention to themselves, from the traffic scofflaw with kilos in his trunk to the guy who allegedly blows his home up while making hash oil.

Today we bring you Guy Who Plays Loud Music.

Yeah, cops were called to this particular marijuana grow in Arcadia based on complaints of too much tunage:

Arcadia police say they were called to a house in the 2500 block of South Santa Anita Avenue at 2:30 a.m. yesterday based on neighbors' complaints of loud music playing.

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The suspect, later identified as 30-year-old Chuan W. Pang, was on the front lawn as music played, cops said.

Um. Okay.

Pang complied with officers' orders and turned down his jams.

But then, an hour later, police were informed that the home in question was supposed to be unoccupied or, in the words of a statement from the Arcadia department, “abandoned.”

File photo.; Credit: NORML

File photo.; Credit: NORML


Returning officers were treated to a show in which Pang pleaded his case and used a key to open the front door, cops said: He told officers that a friend was allowing him to stay there, they stated.

But they alleged that Pang couldn't even name the guy.

The worst part of the whole caper, however, was that when the suspect demonstrated how his key worked on the door, opening the entrance for them, cops got a stiff whiff of sticky icky, or so they allege:

After obtaining a search warrant, Arcadia detectives searched the home and found the majority of the residence being used as a sophisticated, indoor marijuana grow operation. In excess of 500 marijuana plants were found in various stages of growth throughout the home. The grow consisted of multiple rooms with irrigation, lighting, ventilation, and electrical wiring run throughout. It appeared the electrical set-up was bypassing the meter and also tapping directly into electrical service. Every room, closet, hallway, and useable space inside this approx. 2,500 sq. foot, 4-bedroom home was being used to facilitate the operation.

Pang was arrested on suspicion of marijuana cultivation.

The lesson of this story: No more music at grow houses, stoners. Keep your shit quiet.

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