The new Bon Appétit is taking shape. After many recent changes — Barbara Fairchild stepping down, the magazine relocating to New York City, Adam Rapoport named editor-in-chief — Christine Muhlke, most recently the food editor at the New York Times Magazine, is joining the staff as an executive editor. Anyone who reads The New York Times at all will be very familiar with Muhlke's work: her stories on farmers and chefs, prosciutto makers and bakers, teenage gardeners and, well, one could go on, are some of the very best out there.

Muhlke was reportedly on a short list of candidates for Rapoport's job. Joining her will be Meghan Sutherland (Teen Vogue), who Rapoport has named the magazine's deputy editor. No word yet on who will be replacing Muhlke at the Magazine. Maybe somebody can send Amanda Hesser a really big Christmas present.

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