If you're still grieving and reeling over the tragic murder spree attributed to Christopher Dorner — and there's no reason why you shouldn't be — it might be a good idea to move on to a different story.

Because this is about a shockingly insensitive video game attributed to an online community notorious for its pranks, 4chan. This is about “Chris Dorner's Last Stand:”

The so-called first-person shooter was revealed by the website gameranx (via LAist) this week.

We haven't actually seen it, but a video, below, gives us a tour and proves the existence of the game or a sick animated joke. (There's supposed to be a Windows download of the shooter linked from this report).

The game in the video has a player following a Dorner-like character inside (and outside) a cabin modeled after the one where the ex-LAPD officer was believed to have had a firefight with San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputies Tuesday.

It's bloody if not pixelated and rudimentary. Obscene and racially insensitive sounds, a hip-hop beat, and Charlie Sheen's plea to Dorner to turn himself in provide the soundtrack.

Law enforcers go down and bullets fly. Despite the digi-terror, it doesn't begin to mirror what really happened. The video game's suspect is holding a handgun. Dorner was firing an automatic weapon like a soldier engaged in battle in Afghanistan.

The video is sure to fuel that corner of the internet that believes Dorner is a hero wronged by the LAPD and assassinated by San Bernardino deputies.

Or it could just be about a disturbed facet of male adolescence that needs to fantasize about violence.

Of course, it's the definition of too soon. Here's the video:

[Warning: Disturbing imagery, racial epithets and adult language].

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