Lord knows we can't do and see it all. This is LA. Stuff falls through the cracks. All publicists are not created equal. A vast bounty of unrepresented musicians and artists roams the area looking for attention. We want to give it to them. Here are a few LA-based clips that you probably won't see anywhere else — some for very good reason. The below video footage was uploaded to YouTube in the past week. Pay attention.

Some artists are Anti-New World Order as well, such as Tupac, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson, some are just puppets, a tool for brainwashing and manipulating people. Illuminati self-expose themselves to a certain extent, because they believe it gives them power. This is also why Washington DC's design is full of Satanic symbols. Michael Jackson was murdered because he was going to expose a “conspiracy”. There is a video of him saying this, search for it.

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