In the spirit of Halloween (and the severed chocolate arm) and Mexican sugar skulls, here are some chocolate skulls. Will Thanksgiving bring the rest of the chocolate body? Only time will tell.

From top left: (1) Vosges has a Red Fire Skull with ancho chiles, a Barcelona skull with hickory smoked almonds and black sea salt eyes, and a Blanca skull with Venezuelan white chocolate, $8 each. (2) Chocolate Fantasies has chocolate body parts, including these Itty Bitty Chocolate Brains and Chocolate Dentures (which also come in lollipop format). (3) DL & Co's Mori Ex Cacao, translation “Death by Chocolate.” At $65 for three skulls, make every lick count. They were made for Valentines, but maybe they're still in production? Dean and Deluca had them for a while. (4) Then there's this one by, cast from an actual human skull. I didn't think there was a way to make chocolate gross, but I stand corrected.

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