There are many creative ways to protest the upcoming California ban on foie gras. You can gather together to support legislation that would prevent the ban, as many area chefs have done. You can eat as much foie as possible, regardless of what your cardiologist might say. Or you can tweet out your feelings, as Andrew Zimmern subtly put it in a recent tweet: “Up Yours California State Legislature!!!” What Zimmern also did was include a twitpic of this remarkable product: foie gras chewing gum.

It is an actual product. Here's how you can order it from Amazon. Because if you can't eat torchon of foie at the French Laundry or Melisse or Providence or foie donuts at Umamicatessen or foie in any number of forms at LudoBites, well, then you can chew it like a baseball player would. A French baseball player, should such a thing exist.

Actually, inside the cool red box are not sticks of gum but gumballs. According to the product information from the Archie McPhee company, the gumballs taste “vaguely like the decadent french [sic] delicacy” and come 22 to each container, at a cost of $3.50 plus shipping.

“Foie gras is good, but you usually have to endure the snobbery of a high-class French restaurant to get some,” continues the product description. “So, for those evenings when you're craving goose liver but don't want to get off the couch, we offer these Foie Gras Gumballs.” Perfect for smuggling across state lines come the first of July.

LA Weekly