Roy Choi has blogged the news that Chego has shut down for repairs. Never fear though, the chef has exactly the solution you'd expect from the man who invented the Kogi BBQ Truck: a Chego truck. Which vehicle is now parked outside Chego, kind of like a mobile home outside a home.

The dining room is closed.

The whole place inside is getting gutted.

So we are moving the tables outside and serving out of a truck.

It's actually pretty fucking cool.

Dress warm.

Come with a sense of humor.

And let's camp out.

This is in effect NOW.

The Chego truck will serve the same menu, more or less, as the restaurant had been serving. Albeit with a few caveats. The classics will stay, Choi says, but until they get the truck fully operational, some of the rest of the menu will be in flux. Look for new stuff though, as you'd expect from a chef who likes to switch things up. In the meantime, that parking lot outside Chego will likely be even more crowded than usual.

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