If your idea of fun is not circling a strip mall off Overland for an hour just to get hooked up with Roy Choi's justly famous buttered kimchi bowls and Sriracha bars, your wishes (loud and profane as they doubtless were) have been granted. Starting next week, Chego will be offering both take-out service and online ordering. No more long waits in the car, the parking lot or the lines snaking out onto the sidewalk like Soviet-era bread lines. Not that such things can't be fun, mind you, especially since they provide ample opportunity for Tweeting and Facebooking and whatever, but it's a handy feature for some of us and our kids, who prefer the actual bowls of Spam fried rice to the wait for it.

So starting April 3, you'll be able to click on an online button on the Chego webpage to place your order. A few things: No more than $100 order, a small service fee, credit card only, no sauce on the side, they'll pack it all for you. You're welcome.

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