So many apps, so much food, so little time. The latest fun food app is called Chefs Feed, which was released yesterday by Credible, Inc., and it's sort of like an aggregate of all those Bon Appétit back pages where your favorite chef told you what they liked to eat on their own time. The Los Angeles app — there are also apps for Chicago, New York and San Francisco — collects more than thirty local chefs and polls them on their five favorite restaurant dishes. No, not at their own places either. It's fun, like doing a food crossword puzzle.

Click on duck with chili and garlic from Yai and you find that Neal Fraser (BLD, Grace if it ever opens again) “can't live without it” and actually starts salivating when he gets four blocks away from the place. Click on Mozza's fennel sausage pizza and you learn that Suzanne Tracht (Jar) and Karen and Quinn Hatfield (Hatfield's) all crave this one the most of all Mozza's estimable pizzas. Click on Robata Jinya's hakata ramen and learn that Michael Voltaggio (Ink) repeatedly went there when he was in the process of opening his nearby restaurant. And also learn, if you were not already painfully aware of the fact, that Jinya only serves 20 bowls of the stuff a day.

John Sedlar (Playa, Rivera) loves Mo-Chica's huacatay sauce. Craig Thornton (Wolvesmouth) and Marcel Vigneron (Modern Global Tasting) both really love Animal's poutine. And so on.

The app sorts by chef (Thomas Keller loves Canter's pastrami sandwiches!), gives the live Twitter feeds of the aforesaid chefs, and tells you where to find the nearest of all the lovely coveted dishes to where you and your iPhone are presently located (Joachim Splichal's beloved Luscious Dumpling dumplings are only 2.8 miles away!). It is fun. It is free. It is on Virgin America airlines.

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