How does a top-notch chef known for his incredible culinary talents and mercurial temperament feed his own kids? We're about to find out.

Chef Ludovic Lefebvre and his wife Krissy, the recent parents of twins, will launch LudoBabyBites, a 12-episode web series designed to “promote healthy eating for modern families.” Partnering with upscale stroller manufacturer Bugaboo, the show will offer a new episode every Tuesday following its December 6th debut.

Will toddlers dig into cornichon velouté and foie gras cupcakes? If anyone cane make it palatable to the pre-K set, it's Chef Ludo.

Perhaps the inspiration will turn the other direction and at the next LudoBites, courses will arrive in liquefied from, squeezed from the tip of a rubber nipple. Actually, given Lefebvre's penchant for wild experimentation, that wouldn't be such a stretch.

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