Do you like really good yogurt and require at least one dose of 85% cocoa chocolate daily? According to an article that ran in last week's Women's Wear Daily, it appears Alain Ducasse considers those of us who think we can live on chocolate alone merely bonbons away from calling Morgan Spurlock about a yogurt and chocolate sequel to Super Size Me.

The article notes that French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, Carla, did not bring a personal chef, as many French dignitaries have been wont to do when they hit the Capital (Sarkozy was officially making the trip to discuss financial regulations, but Business Week speculates that he was really after a ratings boost). Instead, the couple dined at some of Obama's favorite hangouts, including Ben's Chili Bowl, where they stopped for hot dogs last week.

Reportedly queried for his opinion on the matter, Ducasse noted that while Carla “eats well and she likes to eat,” the finicky president “just eats yogurts and chocolates.”

Is this the same Michelin-starred chef who purchased a French pastry school to save it from closure and won a James Beard Award for his nearly 600-page book, Desserts and Pastries (co-authored with pastry chef Frédéric Robert)? We're going to need another few slices of flourless chocolate cake before we can answer that one.

LA Weekly