Charlie Sheen's phone number is 310-954-7277. At least it used to be.

You see, if the actor is “winning,” it sure doesn't seem like it, at least when it comes to using social media.

It appears that Sheen intended to send a direct message to the teen “bro” Justin Bieber, giving him his number. Instead, he tweeted it to the world:

The result, according to the New York Post, is that Sheen's phone was inundated with calls and text messages after last week's mishap.

The paper says he tweeted his “Call me bro. C,” message intended for Bieber as he dined at the Guy Savoy restaurant in Las Vegas.

A source at the restaurant told the Post that Sheen's phone went into “meltdown,” but that the actor played along and answered with “Winning.” He received about 1,800 messages before shutting the line down.

Carlos, remember this: The opposite of #winning is FAIL.

And, sorry porn stars: You'll have to find another way to make next month's rent. Unless you get Sheen's new number.

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