Updated at the bottom: A Chargers executive tells us it ain't gonna happen — at least not this way. First posted at 3:06 p.m. Tuesday.

The proposal to build an NFL stadium in the middle of our dense downtown still has many hurdles, including whether or not an environmental impact report will be required, final city approval, and, last but not least, the granting of an actual team.

That last aspect, predicts one online pundit, could be a shoo-in.

In fact, the website footballphds.com bets the San Diego Chargers are moving to L.A. for the 2012 season. Here's how the site believes this will go down:

-Anschutz Entertainment Group, the would-be developer of the downtown stadium, and owner of neighboring LA Live and Staples Center, would make the announcement during this football season.

-Because corporations like AEG can't be owners (they must be individuals), footballphds thinks AEG chief Phil Anschutz would take the lead and buy close to 100 percent of the Chargers for as much as $900 million. (He's a multi-billionaire).

-Superstar sports agent and team owner Casey Wasserman would take a small stake in the team.

-Anschutz and AEG would pay $24 million to terminate the Chargers' San Diego stadium lease.

-The Chargers would come to the L.A. Coliseum while the downtown stadium is built.

Believe it?

Update: On Wednesday Chargers special counsel to the president Mark Fabiani told the Weekly this scenario is a pipe dream. Fabiani:

… The Spanos family [which owns the team] is never going to sell a majority or controlling interest in the team — to anyone. All rumors to the contrary are completely false.


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