(photo by Theo Allen)

LA's wonderful Chapin Sisters have, over the past couple years, become one of the city's most engaging musical stories. Two sisters — daughters of folk singer Tom Chapin, neices of Harry Chapin — team with their step-sister, whose father is director Wes Craven, to make gorgeously harmonious music. Last year's great Lake Bottom LP landed on our best of the year list, and the trio is currently putting the finishing touches on the follow-up.

Those interested in maybe hearing what Abigail, Lily and Jessica have been up to in the studio would be advised that the Chapin Sisters have just announced that they'll be performing with their (step) father Tom Chapin at McCabe's Guitar Shop on Saturday, February 7 for an intimate little family reunion show. (No word yet on whether Wes Craven will document it.)

Toxic – The Chapin Sisters

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