Eastside Eye blogger Kathy A. McDonald has a post (flagged by The Eastsider L.A.) noting the appearance of new graffiti along walk walls of the Silver Lake Reservoir. However, unlike the usual gangscript, these sentimental, have-a-nice-day inscriptions are written in chalk and invite the reader to smell the roses — or at least the jasmine.

“Lots of sweet platitudes from an anonymous Silver Lake graffiti artist,” McDonald writes, “who's added colorful and very legible instructions to the reservoir's walking path. Fingers crossed they used soy-based chalk, which will dissolve into biodegradable dust that will decompose the walking path's most annoying aspect — dog poop.”

This could be the feel-good story of the day — except when readers across the L.A. River once more find a Silver Lake blog claiming “eastside” provenance.

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