Cerē Takes Over LA

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LA empowers women and sets a new standard by celebrating a woman’s right to pleasure.

Cerē, the groundbreaking brand redefining pleasure tools, is proud to announce its exciting entry into the Los Angeles market with a captivating billboard campaign that will undoubtedly turn heads and spark conversations throughout the city. Cerē is more than just a pleasure tool company; it is a passionate advocate for sexual wellness and empowering females to embrace their right to sexual pleasure. Founded by a dedicated doctor, Cerē is at the forefront of creating innovative, safe, and effective products designed to enhance intimate experiences while promoting sexual wellness.

The centerpiece of Cerē’s Los Angeles campaign is the creative, simple and eye-catching billboard series that reads, “LA, Meet LaLa.” The campaign’s slogan cleverly references “Lalalena,” which happens to be the world’s first vibrator designed in the shape of the clitoris. This groundbreaking innovation has taken the world of intimate wellness by storm, offering a unique and exhilarating experience for those celebrating a “ceremony of self.

Dr. Amir Marashi, the founder of Cerē, emphasizes the company’s mission: “Cerē is not just about pleasure; it’s about embracing one’s own body, celebrating sexual wellness, and destigmatizing conversations about sexual health. We’re delighted to bring our message and revolutionary products to the vibrant city of Los Angeles.”

The “LA, Meet LaLa” campaign features billboards strategically placed across Los Angeles, from the iconic Hollywood Hills to the bustling streets of downtown. Cerē hopes to ignite conversations about sexual wellness, self-empowerment, and the importance of honoring a woman’s right to pleasure.

This September is Self Care Awareness month and Cerē invites everyone in Los Angeles to join the conversation, celebrate the right to sexual pleasure, and discover the exciting world of intimate wellness through its innovative products. Cerē is dedicated to empowering individuals to explore their desires, celebrate their bodies, and prioritize sexual health. With a range of innovative products designed for pleasure and intimacy, Cerē is setting new standards in the industry.

Cerē is inviting Angelinos to participate in the #spotted campaign recently launched on social media @GetCere where 6 lucky winners will receive cash prizes and the full line of Cerē pleasure tools: meticulously designed with the highest standards of quality and safety.

About Cerē:

Cerē is pursuing an end to the pleasure gap with the first-ever pleasure product brand designed by physicians. Founded by Dr. Amir Marashi, an internationally acclaimed OB/GYN and vaginal surgeon, Cerēis helping people find and reach their most pleasurable parts, eradicate sexual shame, and put an end to orgasm inequity. Cerē’s pleasure products were developed alongside Dr. Kimberly Lovie, a Harvard and Yale-trained physician, chemist and engineer, through a multi-faceted approach that leveraged their collective understanding of anatomy and engineering to put sexual wellness at the forefront of every person’s health. Shop the full offering at getcere.com. Follow @GetCere on Instagram for sexual wellness tips, sensational product releases, and exciting brand updates. Cerē – Enjoy yourself. Doctor’s orders.

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