CEO Michael Koch is Bio Hacking his way to Tech Dominance 

Michael Koch walks into the meeting with a pace and purpose.  His energy, intensity, and tempo are immediately felt and contagious.  Koch is known in the tech industry as one of the most visionary CEOs in Artificial Intelligence and leading the future of Web 4.0. With all his accolades, he may be best known in the tech world for his biohacking and daily extreme protocol that makes Jack Dorsey’s typical day look like he is on vacation.

As CEO of HubKonnect, the leading AI Platform for data driven local store marketing, their rapid rise may look like an overnight success, but what people may not realize is the day in day out relentless focus and extreme daily protocol Koch uses to ensure he is at his absolute best provide for his company, clients, team, and to build the product road map for his award-winning AI technology.

“I believe that the human body and brain is the next platform. As we move towards Web 4.0, the Symbiotic Web, I use all of the resources available to make sure that I am at my cognitive best and always at my sharpest to create the future.” From 4am – waking up, taking cold baths, fasting 20hrs daily, grueling strength workouts, meditation/prayer, only consuming select foods that drive cognitive function, and optimizing his sleep, his day is not for the faint of heart. Koch believes this level of focus and clarity is the only way he’ll make history building Web 4.0.

Koch states, “I am not someone who believes in balance, I believe in obsession. An obsession and passion for what I do, who I do it with, and who I do it for, meaning my clients. I go to lengths to always be at my best to seize moments for my company and to be in the best state to always have the energy and mental clarity to help solve some of the most complex technical and business problems with pure creativity and execution.”

Koch references the famous Boxer Marvin HagIer quote, “It’s tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5am when you’re sleeping in silk pajamas,” and with all his success he purposely structures his day and environment to never be content and keep his edges sharp by pushing his biological limits. His spartan living arrangements in what he calls his “Think Tank” has garnered great interest. He tells us he purposely creates a minimalistic, spartan environment that only contains the basic things that he needs to continue to focus, work, recover, and create the time and space to think big on the evolution of AI and vision of Web 4.0. “Simplicity clears space, so I can think big and build the future.”

Koch approaches his day with a competitive mindset. He believes that if Lebron James puts $1 million into his body every year, that top CEOs should be doing the same with their bodies and brains. “I want to show that biohacking for Executive Performance is essential. Not trendy or weird.” As a standout Div1 athlete, Michael was the Captain of the Wake Forest University Football team and continues to bring the same intensity and discipline he used on the field, now into the boardroom as seen with building and exiting four of his companies over a 15-year tech career.

Koch understands his daily protocol is not for everyone.  It’s an extreme existence to be able to set up his life to have unrivaled energy to be at his best for his clients and employees and starting every day at 4am as he wakes up with the mentality to outwork everyone.   He likens his schedule to that of the late Kobe Bryant.

Koch’s favorite Quote is “The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack.” He builds his life, meals, sleep, workouts, and deep work windows to optimize his biology to lead the future of technology, Artificial Intelligence, create the future of Web 4.0 and to outwork everyone to create history and change the world.

LA Weekly