Comic Bil Dwyer returns with Stardumb!, “the game show that celebrates the silly side of celebrity” with a helluva a lineup: Andy Kindler, Oscar Nunez (The Office) Baron Vaughn (Fairly Legal) and Karen Kilgariff (Karen Kilgariff). Dwyer and co-host Erica Rhodeso mercilessly pry into their guests lives with such categories as “Parole of a Lifetime,” where contestants reveal their most shameful run-ins with the law, and “First to Cry,” which ends in tears. Says Dwyer, “One of the reasons I started this show is just so I can be onstage with people I find really funny, and sit back and watch them weave some magic.  Certainly one of the great moments was when Karen Kilgariff grabbed the mic, and started singing along to 'You Don't Own Me' by Lesley Gore.  Then there was me giving Mark Valley acting lessons – hint- it all comes from the legs– and Jon Dore's reveal of his 'pants filler' or Eddie Pepitone yelling about his father, and Andy Kindler demanding –demanding! – more structure, and just about anytime Maria Bamford said anything.  We've had a lot of good times.” And what would make him cry onstage? “Well, I'm a classically trained over-actor, so I'm pretty good at crying.  Again, it's all in the legs.  All I have to do is pinch myself really hard in one of my gorgeous calves, and the waterworks start flowing.  That, or the final scene of The Never-Ending Story.  It ended.  So sad.” Flappers Comedy Club, 102 E. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank; Sun., Aug. 19, 7 p.m.; $15. (818) 845-9721.

Sun., Aug. 19, 7 p.m., 2012

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