R. Kelly is many things to many people: amazing stage performer, sexual deviant, Trapped in the Closet nutjob, Trapped in the Closet visionary genius, yodeler, RnB's MVP, etc. (Also, brilliant inspiration for Aziz Anzari's comedy routines.)

The larger-than-life persona and periodic shenanigans can make people forget that Kells is also one of the most consistent pop songwriters in the business. It's been many years since the megasuccess of “I Believe I Can Fly,” but R. Kelly is back with another anthem, this time on the occasion of the 2010 soccer World Cup in South Africa.

The song is called “Sign of Victory” and it features those immediately recognizable South African backing vocals and the kind of inspirational, anthemic chords and vocals that put this year's limpid remake of “We Are the World” to even more shame.

Oh yes, there's also a bizarro R. Kelly moment, in case you were wondering. Keep listening for the strange, WTF line about “global warming” in the middle of all the Hallmark sentiments:

LA Weekly