When she was 15 Ceci Bastida sang with Tijuana NO, the edgy Mexican ska-punk band that represented some best alt-rock coming from the border city. When the band broke up, she toured with Julieta Venegas (formerly a Tijuana NO singer), as a backup singer/keyboardist. Since then, Bastida has broken off on her solo journey, dropping jams here and there, including an EP “Front BC” in 2006. Imbued with the gentle smokiness of Juana Molina and the swaggering edge of Nelly Furtado, or maybe M.I.A, her voice can be a rallying call or an invitation to listen closer. Her upbeat, electropop-tinged new album will be released early next year, but until then the Tijuana-raised, LA-based vocalist stops by the fantastic Boyle Heights wine y queso bar, Eastside Luv, for an intimate show tonight.

(MP3 and an incredible stop-motion Fan Video after the jump)


Ceci Bastida – Controlar (XXXChange remix) [MP3]

Check out this FAN MADE stop motion video:

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