CBS2's David Goldstein did a report last night in which he blew the lid off a state employee's daytime alcohol purchases.

Goldstein then confronted Jerry Brown about it, provoking the governor to point his finger in Goldstein's chest and momentarily swipe his cell phone.

Even better, it's all caught on tape!

Goldstein set out to find out what Caltrans employees were doing with their taxpayer-funded vehicles. So he and his camera crew tailed Sumner Baker, a supervisor in Colton, who thought he could leave work early and head to the liquor store without having his dirty secret exposed on local TV.

Goldstein tracked Baker to a Vons, where he bought a couple six-packs of wine. Baker didn't comment when Goldstein confronted him, and left his purchase in the parking lot.

“Mr. Baker, you left your 12 bottles of wine!” Goldstein shouted.

Now, this is appears to be an issue between Baker and his direct supervisor — or between Baker and his God — but Goldstein took the issue to Jerry Brown, who poked him in the chest and called him a “thug.”

Take note, J-school students!

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