CBD & Senior Health — Is CBD Oil OK For Senior Citizens?

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CBD isn’t just “hip” with millennials. Interestingly, many senior citizens are now using CBD topicals on their hips!

Recent surveys suggest at least 20 percent of Americans over 65 have used a CBD product in the past few years. That number continues to climb as more data comes out about CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties. There’s also a lot of positive “word of mouth” swirling around regarding CBD’s effectiveness for many age-related conditions like arthritis.

Although the CBD business is booming in the senior care sector, does that mean this supplement is safe for grandpa and grandma? Are there any potential issues senior citizens should consider before trying a CBD product?

Is CBD Oil Safe For Senior Patients?

As long as CBD products meet high-quality standards for purity, they should be safe for most healthy senior citizens. However, there are concerns that CBD oil could adversely interact with many prescription medications. Since almost 90 percent of Americans over 65 are on at least one medication, there’s a good chance CBD will influence their treatment regimen.

Also, we don’t know how CBD affects many common chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure. While some data suggests CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, there’s little evidence of the long-term efficacy of using CBD oil.

Even though CBD doesn’t provoke psychoactive side effects, it can have side effects on specific conditions or with certain medications. For these reasons, senior citizens should speak with their primary care physician before experimenting with CBD oil. Thankfully, as CBD becomes more prevalent in the supplement market, more doctors have experience adding CBD to a senior’s wellness plan.

Can CBD Oil Be Beneficial For Senior Citizens?

While seniors have to be careful about using CBD oil, there are many potential benefits this cannabinoid could offer. As previously mentioned, there’s preliminary evidence CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety compounds. Even a few animal trials suggest CBD oils and topicals can reduce knee swelling.

Since many chronic health conditions involve inflammation, CBD oil may reduce pain and stiffness related to age-related issues. Some seniors also use CBD’s anti-anxiety properties to improve their sleep quality or dampen worries during the daytime.

Is It Safer For Seniors To Use CBD Topicals?

If seniors don’t feel comfortable taking CBD oil, please remember there are many CBD-infused creams and balms on today’s market. Typically, CBD topicals are considered the “safest” option for seniors interested in using hemp. Why? Well, the CBD in topicals won’t cross the blood-brain barrier like a CBD oil or edible.

Interestingly, the human body has cannabinoid receptors on the skin layer. For this reason, CBD seems to exert its anti-inflammatory response when you apply it to joints or sore muscles. However, since the skin isn’t exceptionally porous, CBD molecules can’t enter the bloodstream. Therefore, a CBD topical only has localized pain-relieving effects.

All that being said, it’s still best to speak with a doctor before using a CBD topical.

Schedule A Doctor’s Visit Before Self-Prescribing CBD Oil!

CBD can have a positive impact on a senior citizen’s quality of life. However, since CBD is so new, we don’t have enough evidence on how this cannabinoid affects various conditions and medications. Seniors considering using CBD oil should speak with their physician about safely incorporating this cannabinoid into their daily lives.

Also, please remember that not all CBD products are made equal. Real Tested CBD has dozens of unbiased reviews so you can find a hemp brand that meets high-quality standards.

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