Beauty. Athleticism. Grace.  These are all words that can be used to affectionately describe your horse. When they feel stressed out, anxious, or hurt, seeing them in pain is difficult.

Thankfully, there is something you can do to help your beloved horse out. CBD oil is a natural and safe solution that can be used to help calm your pet and provide some comfort from pain and irritation.

CBD is safe for horses and has little to no side effects. It can help (but not cure) your horse, so it may be worth checking out as you and your vet work to bring your horse relief.

As such, we’ve put together a list of CBD products for horses that we believe are currently the best on the market.

Top CBD Oils for Horses:

  1. HolistaPet – Editor’s Pick – Best Overall
  2. Pet Hemp Company – Best for Large Horses
  3. HempMyPet – Best for Small to Medium Horses

How We Came Up With This List of CBD for Horses?

Finding the right product for your pet can be a pain. That’s why we put together this list to make things as easy as possible. Curious about how we chose just three great brands out of the thousands out there? Read on to see what criteria we used in setting up the article.

Quality of Formula

Our pets mean the world to us. One cannot just give their pet some random CBD product without verifying its quality first- who knows what’s inside that product?

All of the CBD oils you see listed here were reviewed to make sure we could identify the source of the hemp, the company’s growing practices, and the contents of each formula. (Our goal was to make sure products featured were free of harmful additives.) We understand that your pet’s health comes first, so it’s only right to start with the quality of the ingredients.

Customer Reviews

The vast majority of consumers today will look at customer reviews before purchasing a product. And with a product like CBD, which is quite expensive, it is more important than ever to see what others said before making the purchase.

Every product we reviewed here today features favorable reviews from customers. You can safely buy any three of these products with confidence.

Transparency of Info

A company that is willing to share information with consumers at their request gives us a sense of trust and comfort, especially when making an investment in our pets. This CBD oil is not cheap by any means, especially the formulas designed for horses.

Thus, it is important that we are able to ask and receive information about the potency, formulation, and content of the CBD oil we wish to give our pets.

Now, let’s get into it- the best CBD products for horses.

Best CBD Oil for Horses

1.    HolistaPet – Editor’s Choice – Highest Quality

Holistapet is a brand that believes the health and comfort of one’s pet come first. Their focus is simple: to provide natural solutions to help the animals we love without side effects as you get with medications.

Pet parents really love this brand, too: they make formulas for dogs, cats, and horses. Plus, their CBD oils are fortified with fatty acids found in hempseed oil, which helps further boost the health of your pet.

This is sold as a dropper, which can be put into your horse’s mouth or applied to their favorite snack or treat. It is fast-absorbing; thus, relief happens quickly. It is a 7500mg formula; the bottle size is 4 oz. Ingredients are 100% natural, contains superfoods plus CBD, and the hemp oil is made right in the USA.

CBD Pellets for Horses

If you’re looking for an even easier way to give your horse CBD, these pellets are sure to do the trick. These phytocannabinoid-rich pellets are fortified with essential nutrients for your horse’s daily diet. A general, daily dose of these pellets is about 15g or two tablespoons. Aside from having all the great calming properties of CBD, these pellets are also rich in Omega 3/6/9 fatty acids and are completely organic. They are ideal for horses of all sizes and breeds, from miniatures to drafts.

Hemp Source: The hemp of Holistapet comes from legal plants grown in the United States. Their CBD is made from 100% pure extracted hemp oil.

Dosage Sizes: Per Holistapet, it is recommended .25mg (this is a regular dose) to .5 mg (a strong dose) of CBD per lb. of body weight. You can check out their dosage chart for more details, too.

Extract Type: Full spectrum, pure CO2 extracted CBD oil, and hemp seed oil is contained in this great blend.

Formulation: This is a full spectrum CBD oil crafted from legal hemp grown in the United States. It contains no GMOs. It is vegan and 100% organic. THC levels are lower than the 0.3% amount allowed in a CBD product.

Lab Results: Lab results can be obtained by clicking here. Holistapet is very transparent about the potency and content of the oil, pellets, and other products offered.

Shipping & Return Policy: Free economy shipping is available; orders are delivered usually in just three days. Priority mail shipping is also available and is usually delivered in 2-3 days from processing time. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all the products as well- just return it if you are not fully satisfied for a full refund.

2. Pet Hemp Company – Best for Large Horses

A beloved family dog named Woody was behind the founding of Pet Hemp Company. And even though he was a canine, the mission of Pet Hemp Company remains the same for all beloved pets: provide top-quality CBD so everyone can benefit and be at their best every day.

Hemp Source: The hemp you find in these formulas are grown at farms that make use of organic nutrients, and natural farming practices. The hemp is organically grown, and regular testing for pesticides, solvents, and potency are conducted to ensure the product remains of good quality.

Dosage Sizes: Dosage is based upon body weight and condition that is being treated. ¼ mg for every 1lb of body weight is a “regular dose.”  ½ mg for every lb. of body weight is a strong dose and can be used to boost effectiveness. It is recommended that a 50% dosage of the tincture be given, so you can assess how your horse feels, and then work up to a full dose as the days and weeks go on.

Extract Type: This is full-spectrum CBD oil extracted using a pure CO2 method to create a powerful and top-quality concentration your horse will love. The hemp seed oil provides an immune system boost and healthy coat and skin.

Formulation: This is formulated with full-spectrum CBD oil and hemp seed oil. This product is 100% organic and vegan. It contains no GMOs and contains superfoods along with the CBD to boost the health of your horse. This is a 0% THC formula.

Lab Results: Regular testing on all products is conducted to ensure proper cannabinoid dosage in each product, and to ensure that products are free of metals or chemicals.

Shipping & Return Policy: Shipping takes place to all 50 states. Most orders are shipped out within 24 hours of purchase, except for Fridays after 1 PM PST. In this case, the orders will not ship until Monday.

Shipping Times:

  • Standard/First Class Shipping Times: 3-5 days
  • Priority-3-4 Days
  • Express 1-2 days

For returns, it is best to contact the company.

3. HempMy Pet – Best for Small to Medium Horses

HempMyPet is a Colorado-based company offering treats, oils, and more for horses, cats, and dogs.

In November 2019, the company announced an agreement with Tarleton State University, which is part of the Texas A&M University family, to perform a study on the Behavioral and Physiological effects of Abacus CBD oil when used to help lower pain and stress in horses.

They are a company that strives to bring pet parents the best, and it shows. Let’s look at their equine formula in detail.

Hemp Source: The source for this hemp is an organically grown, in-house strain that tests at a 30 to 1 ratio.

Dosage Sizes: Recommended dosages are based upon horse size.

  • Horses weighing 800-1000 lb.= 1 pump, contains 20 mg CBD
  • Horses weighing 1000 – 1200 lb. = 2 pumps, contains 40 mg CBD
  • Horses weighing 1200 – 1400 lb. = 3 pumps, contains 60 mg CBD

Extract Type: This is a full-spectrum CBD oil that is made with organic ingredients.

Formulation: This full-spectrum CBD oil contains human grade and organic ingredients. Firstly, there is certified organic virgin cold-pressed olive oil. Secondly, there is hemp extract. It is a full spectrum extract that comes from organically grown Colorado hemp.

Lab Results: Lab results can be obtained on their official website. The formula is potent and safe, containing only .18% THC and 23.76 CBD to THC. The bulk of the formula, as referenced by the bar graph on the chart, shows the majority of the formula is pure CBD.

Shipping & Return Policy: HempMyPet currently ships to all 50 states and can even ship internationally (be sure to contact them first to make sure). Orders are fulfilled as they come in, many of them processed within 24 hours. However, do allow up to 72 hours for orders to ship.

HempMyPet offers a 60-day return policy. Simply begin by contacting them via email, and then they will send a return label and process a refund upon receipt within 5-7 days.

Check out the HempMyPet CBD Oil for Horses here.

What Are the Benefits of CBD for Horses?

In case you didn’t already know, horses have an endocannabinoid system, just like humans and other mammals. As such, their bodies possess cannabinoid receptors that are able to utilize CBD and other cannabinoids. Because of this, horses are able to experience the same or similar health benefits of CBD that we do.

The benefits of CBD are numerous for horses; let’s discuss them now.

It’s Natural

Firstly, CBD is completely natural. It is derived from the hemp plant. As such it eliminates the need to worry about what you are giving your horse to make them feel better. After al, it is just a plant with potential health benefits..

It’s Versatile

Horses may get relief from anxiety, digestive issues, and inflammation when CBD is used. It is non-life threatening and readily available, so it can help your horse feel calm and get relief while you wait for the vet to create a treatment plan.


Horses are very muscular animals. They enjoy rigorous workouts and love to run and jump, which leaves their muscles feeling quite stressed as they perform these movements routinely.

It leaves them prone to inflammation, a natural response by your horse’s immune system, but can be damaging over time. Using CBD may be a natural way to provide your horse some comfort from irritation and inflammation.


Aches and soreness are common issues in horses, thanks to their massive size and desire to be active all the time. As they get older, this can leave them feeling lame.

Some medications prescribed to the horse can leave them feeling slow and sluggish as a result of their side effects. Meanwhile, CBD may be able to help this without leaving your horse feeling sleepy.

Manage Emotions

Is your horse a showstopper at the barrel race or state fair, but a nervous wreck in the trailer during transport? Does your horse get anxious during weather events or when the vet stops by?

If so, CBD may help. CBD has a natural calming effect on the nervous system. It can help your horse settle down, clear his or her mind, and handle the situation with a good attitude. And, since it’s natural and legal in the United States, you can take it wherever your horse goes.

Is CBD Safe for Horses?

Yes, CBD will be well-tolerated by your equine friend. Because horses have an endocannabinoid system, their body is able to effectively break it down and utilize it.

Furthermore, CBD is a non-psychoactive and non-toxic supplement. Rest assured, your horse will be of sound mind and not “high” upon taking the CBD.

Terminology: Hemp v. Marijuana v. Cannabis

Part of the misunderstanding that CBD can give animals and humans high lies in the terminology of hemp and cannabis culture/business. The phrases hemp, marijuana, and cannabis are often used interchangeably, but they are all different from one another.

Hemp and marijuana are two separate strains that come from the cannabis plant.

Marijuana, a type of cannabis plant, contains THC. This is the molecule responsible for the psychoactive effects.

The hemp plant is a type of cannabis that contains a percentage of less than 0.3% THC and has no psychoactive effects on the person using it. This is where CBD comes from and is also the reason hemp products such as lotions or soaps have taken off in recent years.

No reports have ever been made about horses overdosing on CBD.

Side Effects

Using CBD on your horse is safe when used correctly. Make sure the supplement you choose is free of THC.

Drowsiness and dry mouth can occur, but not for all horses. It is unlikely your horse will experience negative side effects. However, some horse owners have reported their pets displaying behaviors like lethargy, depression, or agitation. If you spot any of these behaviors in your pet, discontinue use, and consult a vet.

As with any supplement, ask a vet first. Begin with a small dosage and monitor how your horse feels before administering a higher one.

CBD Oil Dosage for Horses

Sensitivity to CBD

Horses are smart. They can sense danger, weather changes, and more. So, it only makes sense that they are sensitive to CBD as well.

As a result, these animals require a lower, less frequent dosage of CBD compared to other animals, according to Dr. C. Luedke.

Dr. Luedeke indicates that horses need extended dosing intervals in comparison to other species and are more sensitive when it comes to the “amount to give per kg” model.

For instance, dogs may do well with a CBD dosage of 1-2 mg per kg of body weight. Meanwhile, horses do better with .25 to 1 mg per kg of body weight.

Consider Food

The sensitivity of horses to CBD could be due in part to the way they digest their food. Horses are hindgut fermenters and derive most of their energy through fermentation and not digestion like other animals.

If owners feed too much grain, serve incorrect ratios of grain and forage, or even offer moldy forage and grain, the digestive system can be thrown off balance, and the horse becomes even more sensitive to CBD.

Size Matters

The amount of CBD you give to your horse is going to depend on their size. According to Dr. Juliet Getty, here are ideal dosages for horses:

  • Miniature Horses (400 -660 lb.) 25 to 50 mg
  • Full Sized Horses (660 – 1110 lb.) 75 to 170 mg
  • Large Breeds, such as Drafts (1100 to 1800 lbs.) 120 to 200 mg

The best thing to do? Start small, with 40 mg or whatever your vet recommends, and work up to a higher dose until you achieve the desired results.

How to Give CBD Oil to Your Horses?

Different Approaches

In terms of the oils we covered in our article, there are a few ways you can dose your horses. For starters, you can add it to their food. You can apply it to a snack or treat they enjoy. You can also drop it right into their mouths using the dropper provided with the oil.

Sublingual Application

When it comes to these oils, most horse owners will give it to their pet sublingually. It is a safe and quick way to get your horse their supplement, and it is safe for the animal’s sensitive gut.

To administer oil sublingually means to place it under the tongue. It stays in the horse’s mouth and absorbs quickly. It gets into the bloodstream much faster this way, helping your horse feel better faster.

Once the oil is administered sublingually, it takes about a half-hour for your horse’s symptoms to improve.

Alternatives to Oil

However, there are a few different ways to get your horse the CBD they need in the form of different products. If you find that administering the oil isn’t working for your horse, you can investigate the following CBD products:

  • CBD Pellets
  • Topical balms and salves
  • CBD powder
  • CBD Sprays

Items such as pellets and powders are fine, but their effectiveness can be compromised if the horse did not get the correct dosage or did not take the supplement on an empty stomach.

If administered by mouth, the CBD is broken down via the digestive system and takes a bit longer to work/ reach the bloodstream. Thus, the effects may not be as great.

How to Buy a Quality CBD Oil for Horses

Read Labels Closely

Carefully look over all supplements before you buy them for your horse. Make sure you are aware of what’s inside the supplement.

Look over the ingredients and make sure that you review the CBD supplement’s test results to see that it is a potent product formulated for horses. Some low-quality supplements may have a nice price tag but contain harmful chemicals that could be bad for your pet’s health.

Choose Supplements Made Just for Horses

These manufacturers are able to craft a blend that is suitable for the horse’s sensitive digestive system in comparison to those making CBD supplements for dogs, cats, and horses.

Opt for Organic Hemp

Organic hemp isn’t required for a quality product, but some people prefer it. Look for hemp that is free of pesticides and GMOs. This will ensure you’re getting the best quality health product for your pet.

Ask About 3rd Party Test Results

We mentioned earlier that you should look over the test results. If you have questions about them, ask away. Any good CBD company will be happy to answer your queries about the results and what they mean.

CBD Content Per Dose: What Is It?

You want pure CBD, not artificial ingredients or colors. You don’t need to purchase a product with a “flavor,” These could trigger the gut. Opt for a product that is potent and free of anything that isn’t natural.

Talk to A Vet

Your veterinarian can help you find a great CBD oil that’s perfect for your pet. Chances are they may even recommend one we showcased here. After all, your vet is the first person you should talk to regarding your horse’s health.


We hope this article about the best CBD products for horses has been helpful to you. Your horse is a hardworking and special pet that not just anyone can have. These animals are a beautiful combination of strength and grace and deserve to be well cared for. Because they have an endocannabinoid system, horses can reap the positive effects of CBD just like us.

Whether your horse competes in shows, is a therapy animal or a worker, make sure their overall wellness stays balanced with CBD. Our top pick is HolistaPet and the one we recommend for your horse’s well-being.

After all, it is completely safe and natural, and you will notice a behavioral change in a short period of time after it has been administered. Both you and your horse will love the relief CBD brings.


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