The Los Angeles Police Department was investigating an incident in which an apparently belligerent man — let's just call him an A-hole — was “tased” by an officer and possibly hit by the baton of another on Hollywood Boulevard Sunday morning.

The incident was caught on video by a bystander who posted the footage on YouTube. Police are taking a proactive role in the investigation, probably because, like other recent run-ins between cops and suspects, it was posted on YouTube. However, this one we'll give to the officers. This guy was asking for it. Watch:

Responding to what is believed to be an unrelated report of a drunk man at a bar in the Hollywood+Highland complex about 2 a.m. Sunday, the officers came across the suspect nearby on Hollywood Boulevard, LAPD officials said in a statement. According to police, “The man, who appeared intoxicated, had confronted several black males calling them racially derogatory names.”

The suspect was failing to comply with a pair of officers' orders. On the tape he can he heard cursing and seen standing off against the cops. Police said he even “threatened to 'cut the throats' of the officers.” He clenched his fists, LAPD officials said.

Officer Chris Craig fired his Taser and the man fell pretty hard. Officer Peter Kim moved toward him and appeared to strike the suspect in the back with his baton (police aren't confirming if the hit actually landed) as he started to go down.

The suspect was hospitalized in “serious but stable condition,” police said.

The LAPD's Force Investigation Division will conduct an “exhaustive investigation,” police said.

Anyone who saw the incident was asked to call Force Investigation at 213-486-5230.

LA Weekly