Catie Turner Loves Her Mama: Mother’s Day is coming up, and singer/songwriter Catie Turner is celebrating wit new single “Mama.”

“I write too many songs about men who break my heart, so my mom deserves a song because she is the one there through it all,” Turner said in a statement. “This is my Mother’s Day present to her and all the other incredible moms out there.”

Turner’s mom, Cathy, responded. “There’s no better feeling as a Mother than to feel appreciated,” Catie’s mother, Cathy, shared. “When Catie first played me this song on Mother’s Day in 2017, I was completely emotional. Now with her moving out to LA and becoming an adult, I want nothing more than to see her become the amazing independent woman she is and share this song with the other incredible Mom’s around the world.”

This week, Turner is performing a livestreamed concert as part of the Cover Nation Takeover Tuesday series. Expect a bunch of covers, rather than this latest single.

Catie Turner Loves Her Mama:Tune in at 3 p.m. PT on Tuesday, April 13 via Youtube

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