Most people who are single and like to swill beer go to bars. They bump into each other and sometimes get married. Or not. One questions the need to over-formalize the process in a bar setting.

But tomorrow, Thursday, July 21, Catch Matchmaking and the restaurant and beerhaus Steingarten will do just that — for a ticket price of $35. From 7:30-10:30 p.m., this singles event will combine awkward conversations, clumsy flirting, and long silences with over signature cocktails, 20 kinds of sausages made from semi-exotic meats, like elk and alligator, and nearly 70 varieties of social lubricant, otherwise known as beer.

As an event listing warns, this is not wham-bam-thank-you-stranger speed-dating. As guests enter, each will receive one pint of beer. “If someone has caught your eye from across the room,” it exclaims, “this is your chance!” Chance to what — slam your pint in one magnificent mustache-foaming glug, burp, and stride on over to imagine you're being charming?

Most people we know, particularly those who like restaurants identifying as “beer gardens,” don't get charming until at least eight tall ones have vanished. By then, they're sleepy and quiet at least. There'll be four more beers, blessedly, all paired with small plates from the Steingarten kitchen. And someone will offer an “education history” of each brew, a little touch we're sure the mingling singles will want to give their undivided attention. Click here to register.

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