The leopard loving lass is a special kinda gal. She can be a sweet kitty cat, but get on her bad side and she'll scratch you.

I've been a leopard print fan since I was a kid. My nana had a super-comfy animal print couch and I loved lounging on it and pretending I was a movie star.

When I got older, animal-spotted thrift store finds fit perfectly into my fledging attempts at punk style. I still wear the tattered '60's-era coat I scored decades ago, and I've yet to find a more purrrfectly proportioned cat print.

Alas, new leopard prints rarely come close to vintage ones, though the designs of D&G and L.A.M.B. (Gwen Stefani is obviously part of the leopard love club) aren't bad.

All the major designers have done something in leopard print at this point, which has helped it become a timeless fashion staple. Still, only the fiercest felines can pull off more than a bag, shoes or top. For fans of cleavage, crimson lips, and bold animalistic accents, it's all about Robert Cavalli.

Cheetah girls on a budget are sure to be high-tailing to the Beverly Center tomorrow when the designer's collection makes its debut at H&M.

I hear it's full of sexy jungle prints and cat woman couture-flavored pieces. I'm planning on checking it out, and I fully expect some ferocious fashionista encounters – and maybe even a couple of catfights.

LA Weekly