If you accidentally set your kitchen on fire the last time you baked cookies, or have been banned from cooking dinner by your family because they'd rather eat In-N-Out than risk consuming your lasagne, you may have a television gig in your future. Worst Cooks in America, the Food Network's popular series about disastrous home cooks, is holding an open casting call for their second season in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 27th.

Worst Cooks is a boot camp of sorts, a five-week culinary intervention in which “12 of the most hopeless cooks in the country” are theoretically taught how to cook by Anne Burrell, host of Food Network's Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, and Beau MacMillan, executive chef at elements in Phoenix. Contestants, if you can call them that, are divided into two teams and then put through a series of challenges. The last two cooks prepare dishes for a group of judges and compete for the grand prize of $25,000.

The intervention thing wasn't a joke. “This is the opportunity for someone to nominate their spouse, sibling, parent, best friend, or even co-worker who needs MAJOR help in the kitchen,” according to the program's casting assistant. Nominate. Right. Or maybe hurry them into the car for a “shopping trip” to Burbank. The Food Network would like you to know that both the nominator and nominee must attend the open call, so you have to stick around: you cannot just leave your spouse-parent-sibling-best friend at the Marriott and speed away. They need help. You need to be supportive. And hey, when your mom winds up on The Next Food Network Star, you'll want the credit anyway.

If you need more details, or a specific description of just how bad you have to be, you can email the show at worstcooksla@gmail.com.

Worst Cooks in America casting call: LA Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel & Convention Center, 2500 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank; Saturday, March 27th, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

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