There is apparently nothing better to do, down in working-class Carson, than try to name streets after oneself — than bicker for hours over whether such an honor is deserved.

According to the Daily Breeze, the City Council voted 2-2 on Mayor Jim Dear's audacious proposal to dub the new roadway currently being constructed near the 405 and Del AmoJim Dear Boulevard.” But because only four of five City Councilmembers were present at their meeting last night, and the fifth is pro-Dear, the mayor continued the item to October 4. Oh, and he had his self-appointed Public Works commissioners vote on the item, to boot (even though they have no sway on the subject).

Since when was it not considered extremely embarrassing to try to name a street after oneself…

… in the face of fervent opposition? It's one thing for Conan O'Brien to poke fun at some Van Nuys back-alley by requesting it be named after His Gingerness, but a current politician with half a city of enemies? Really?

If he hadn't already, Mayor Dear proved himself a special breed of buffoon last night, standing his ground at council chambers like a five-year-old would his tree fort:

To his council colleagues who opposed the idea, he said: “I knew you would be against this because it's my name and you're going to do whatever you can to stop something like this, like you do on pretty much any good thing I'm trying to bring forward as a mayor.”

Of course, it's not only Dear's fellow politicians who were rolling their eyes into the wee hours. The developer of the lot next to the new boulevard tried to remain cordial, but was obviously panicking, writing in a letter to the city that it would sort of prefer “a name that will be embraced by the community and help to brand the development.” And the Breeze reports that residents called his idea “self-aggrandizing, disgraceful, narcissistic, disrespectful and childish.” Which brings us to the most extreme, and mortifying, public comment of the night:

“Why in the world do you want to glorify yourself when all you've done for this city is bring division?” asked resident Tommie Williams. “Jim Dear, the only thing that should be named after you is a plaque at the cemetery.”

Ouch. And here we thought L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was unpopular. Said another Carson resident: “We have become the laughingstock of the South Bay.”

Maybe Ray J wouldn't have been such a terrible replacement, after all.

As for you, Mayor Dear, a word of advice: If you want residents to rally behind your hilariously pre-emptive attempts at municipal immortilaztion, might want to try starting with a trailer-park alleyway. We've heard you're pretty popular with the rent-controlled white set.


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