Carol Ades is Burnin’ Up for Jonas: Singer and songwriter Carol Ades told us about her manic Jonas Brothers experience.

Carol Ades: I embarrassingly haven’t been to many shows and my friends all make fun of me for it so to choose the best gig I’ve ever seen is actually pretty hard. But if I had to pick one, Summer of 2019 I saw the Jonas Brothers on their arena tour in Miami.

I was there writing for their next album and all the writers got to go to the show, and me and my friend Kennedi were childhood super fans so we were naturally losing our shit. As some backstory, for the past five years I’ve been writing songs with and for other pop artists so I had been working up to this moment for years. When I was asked to go to a writing camp in Miami for the Jonas Brothers it was possibly the best day of my life.

I called my mom and I was like, “Mother, I made it. I am going to write with the Jonas Brothers.” The writing camp was a week long and we got to see the show on the fourth night. I sang  “Year 3000” so loud I didn’t have a voice for 4 days. When “Burnin’ Up” came on I was suddenly 13 again and so needed to kiss Joe Jonas on the mouth. I grew up in the thick of the Hannah Montana/ Jonas brothers era so it was such a full circle moment to be there at the show and to be working with them. It was such a fever dream and I don’t think any other gig experience could ever beat it.

Carol Ades is Burnin’ Up for Jonas: Carol Ades’ Through EP and the “Can’t Say No” single are out now.

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